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Taco Bar Buffet

The Taco Bar Buffet Package Includes:


Your choice of three (3) styles:
●    Shrimp - choose from grilled, battered, seared, butter & garlic, chipotle, or fajitas

●    Arrachera Steak - choose from grilled or fajitas
●    Mahi Mahi - choose from grilled, battered, seared, butter & garlic or chipotle
●    Chicken Mole 
●    Cochinita Pibil - Mexican pulled pork marinated with orange, pineapple and achiote
●    Chicken breast - choose from grilled, with herbs, chipotle or fajitas

●    Pork - choose from al pastor or adobada
●    Chorizo 
●    Vegetarian - comes with carrots, squash, mushrooms and onions
●    Rajas Con Crema - poblano pepper strings with heavy cream

●    Chicharron - pork skin tacos with green or red sauce



● Rice

● Beans

● Homemade Tortillas

● Salsa's

● Toppings


Add two (2) Appetizers for $5 usd/person:



Taco Bar Buffet


    Transportation of all necessary equipment for your event.

    Transportation of all food to the venue.

    Dinner service staff.

    All silverware, glassware and dinnerware.

    All setup and disassembly of your event.

    Staff on-site to monitor the event from start to finish.

    Furniture is NOT included.


    Furniture is NOT included but can be rented for an additional cost.

    10% Taxes will be charged on the final invoice

    15% Gratuity / Tips Not Included 

    Meals for 2 attending staff members 


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