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Timing is Everything: When to Send Wedding Invitations

wedding invitations tied in a bow
Sending wedding invitations at the right time is crucial.

Sending wedding invitations is a critical step in the wedding planning process, as they mark the official announcement of your big day to your guests. While it may seem like a simple task, the timing of when to send these invitations is essential to ensure that your guests have enough time to prepare and respond. In this article, we will explore the best timeframes for sending out wedding invitations to ensure a successful and well-attended celebration.

  1. Save-the-Dates: Ideally, you should send out save-the-date cards six to eight months before your wedding date, especially if you are planning a destination wedding or have many guests coming from out of town. Save-the-dates provide essential information about the wedding date and location, allowing guests to start making travel arrangements and blocking off their calendars.

  2. Formal Invitations: The formal wedding invitations should be sent out eight to twelve weeks before your wedding day. This timeframe gives guests ample time to receive the invitation, respond, and make any necessary arrangements. If your guest list includes international invitees, consider sending the invitations even earlier to allow for longer mailing times.

  3. RSVP Deadline: Set an RSVP deadline on your wedding invitations that falls around four to six weeks before the wedding. This gives you enough time to finalize guest numbers, arrange seating, and provide final numbers to vendors. Also, make sure to include various ways for guests to RSVP, such as by mail, email, or through a wedding website, to accommodate their preferences.

  4. Consider Destination Weddings: For destination weddings, it is crucial to give guests more time to plan and make travel arrangements. Send out save-the-date cards as early as possible, around nine to twelve months before the wedding, and send the formal invitations ten to twelve weeks ahead of the event. This extra time will help guests to secure travel arrangements and accommodation for the destination celebration.

  5. Holiday or Peak Wedding Season: If your wedding falls on a holiday or during a peak wedding season, consider sending out invitations a bit earlier. For holiday weddings, aim to send save-the-dates at least eight to ten months in advance, and formal invitations twelve to sixteen weeks before the event. For peak wedding season, which is typically during the spring and summer months, send out save-the-dates six to eight months ahead, and formal invitations ten to twelve weeks in advance.

  6. Flexibility for Destination Guests: Be mindful of guests who need to travel long distances to attend your wedding. If possible, provide them with the option of early invitations or save-the-dates so they can secure travel arrangements and accommodation well in advance.

Sending wedding invitations at the right time is crucial for ensuring that your guests can attend your special day and make necessary arrangements. Sending save-the-dates six to eight months before the wedding, formal invitations eight to twelve weeks before the wedding, and setting an RSVP deadline four to six weeks before the event are general guidelines to follow.

However, for destination weddings, holiday weddings, or during peak wedding seasons, it's essential to adjust these timelines accordingly. By considering your guests' needs and providing ample time for preparation, you can ensure a successful and well-attended celebration filled with joy and love.


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